SAARC’s Mixer Machine is constructed with:


The main body of the mixture machine is made of 16 gauge S.S / G.M.S. sheet.

The main mixing blade shaft is of 2”~2.5” in diameter.

The main upper lid cover is divided into three parts.

It is an electro-mechanical machine

Its main purpose is to mix anything which needs to be mixed.

                  Area of Use

In Mushroom Culture center.

In Pharmaceutical Industries.

Food industries.


Technical Specification

Models                             :           SM-V-, SM-H, SM-I, SM-Vs.

Type                                :           Vertical, Horizontal.

Mixing Drum Capacity        :           As required

Media Mixing Capacity       :           As required.

Mixing Propeller                :           As required.

Propeller Mechanism         :           Compact Gear of 30:1 (Powered)

Media Unloading               :           Mechanical/Automatic.

Upper Lid Option              :           Divided into three parts.

Power req.                       :           220 V, Single Phase or 440V 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, AC Supply,3 HP

Net Weight                       :           As Required.      

Orientation                      :           Floor Standing