Saarc’s Laminar Air Flow Cabinets are mainly constructed with:


2” S.S/M.S box bar.

The exterior surface are covered with M.S/ S.S. sheet.

The surface of the Working table is made of S.S sheet.

The side panel of the working area are made of 5mm thick transparent plastic- fiber/glass.

It is an electro-mechanical machine

It provides a micro organism free atmosphere through HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Air) by a positive air flow.

                                    Area of Use

Where micro organism free atmosphere is needed, such as:

In Mushroom Culture center.

In Tissue Culture Center to produce micro organism free plants.

In Pathological & Diagnostic center.

In hospitals to sterilize anything which needs to be organism free.

In Clean Room.

Technical Specification

Model                                                    SLF-V, SLF-H.

Type                                       Horizontal & Vertical.

Surface Material                                     Stainless Steel / Mild Steel.

Table Surface Material                           S.S.                                           

Indicator                                 Static Air Pressure Indicating Manometer. Also indicates the

                                                                  condition of HEPA and the Blower Motor by color signals.

Motor                                                         Direct Drive Blower motor( Noise Level <65db & Vibration< 2.5μm)

Heating Element                                      Working table surface warmer (if required)

Illumination                                              Florescent Light-40/20 watt.

Working surface sterilizer                           U.V.light-30/15 Watt.

Controller                                                 Digital Temperature Controller.

Filter                                                         Double filter (Pre Filter & HEPA Filter)(U.K./Italy/Japan/Germany)

                                                                  HEPA Filter efficiency 99.97%.

                                                                  Particle size of .3 microns or larger.

                                                                  Designed Velocity : 90 ft/min +10% .

Power req.                                               220 V, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, AC Supply, 250/375/750 Watt.

Net Weight                                               As Required.

Working Area                                            As required             

Orientation                                               Table Standing/Floor Standing.