SAARC’s Incubator is constructed with-

The outer body of the Incubator is covered with 1mm SS. Sheet.

The interior is made with 1mm S.S. Sheet.

In between the outer & inner body glass wool is poured to insulate heat

It is an electro-mechanical machine

Its main purpose is to create a very suitable atmosphere with a suitable temperature where micro-organism’s growth is very easy.

Technical Specification

Models                                                       :                SI-S, SI-G

Type                                                          :                Shaking, Non Shaking.                                            

Motor Capacity                                         :                70 Watts.

Controller                                                 :                Digital Temperature Controller.

Tuning Mechanism                                   :                Automatic.

Humidity Adjustment                              :                Manual.

Incubation Tray                                        :                As required.

Heating Element                                      :                Resistance Wire.

Heater Capacity                                       :                As required.

Body Material Outside                             :                Stainless Steel / Mild Steel.

Body Material Inside                                :                Stainless Steel.

Special Feature                                        :                Air circulating fan to keep the temperature and moisture even                                                                                                          all over the working area.

Indicator                                                   :                Digital Temperature Indicator,

Power req.                                               :                220 V, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, AC Supply, 160 Watt.

Outer Dimension                                      :                As required.

Working Dimension                                  :                As required.

Orientation                                               :                Table Standing.

                           Area of Use

In pathology, microbiology center for culturing blood.

In Tissue-culture Center.

In hospitals.

In poultry farms.

               In pharmaceuticals industries.