The inner of the SAARC’s Autoclave is constructed with:


· 2~3 mm Re-enforced S.S. Sheet

· The top lid is of 10mm S.S. Plate

· There is an insulation in between exterior & interior part of the Autoclave.

· A safety cover of 16 gauges M.S. sheet is on the glass wool.

· It is an electro-mechanical machine

· It creates high temperature by creating high pressure.

· Its main purpose is to kill micro-organism. As most of the micro-organisms are not able to live at 121 ºC, Autoclave formulates a temperature of 121 ºC at a high pressure of about 1.5 Kg per sq. cm. & thus micro-organisms are destroyed.

Area of Use


· For sterilizing Surgical Equipments.

· In Mushroom Culture center to prepare micro organism free media.

· In Tissue-culture Center to prepare micro organism free plants.

· In pathological Center.

· In hospitals to sterilize anything which needs to be organism free

Technical Specification


Models                                         :            SA-V, SA-H

Type                                            :            Vertical, Horizontal.                                  

Indicator                                      :            Digital Temperature Indicator (Differential temp range 2-3ºc)(Japan, Italy, China), Static Pressure Indicator(6” Dial)

Safety Device                               :            Temperature & Pressure with outer safety cover.

Heating Element                           :            2/3 Spiral Heater( 1KW-2.5 KW)(Japan, Italy & China)

Controller : Temperature & Pressure(.03-.16 Bar).

Power req. : 220 V, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, AC Supply, 4000-5000 Watt.

Net Weight : As Required.

Working Dim : As Required.

Rack : As Required.

Orientation   : Floor Standing, Table Standing.