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 Recently SAARC Group has joined on an exhibition named machine expoí07

organized by CEMS USA & CEMS Bangladesh in the Bangladesh China Friendship Conference Center.


 SAARC Engineering has submitted a huge project on solar water pumping system in Kuwait. It will be a great achievement for a country like Bangladesh.


SAARC Group is the leading company in the local manufactured scientific & pharmaceutical machineries, bottles and power solutions, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales, exporting & importing, investment management in business.

Through 15 years of developing, SAARC Group has formed the structure of manufacturing technology, systematic product lines, sales networks & international market. SAARC Group has been working hard in developing her own products with high technology & intelligent properties in various categories with different sorts of products. With the aim of reforming & promoting the traditional industries by means of the application of high technologies and advanced practical techniques. SAARC teamís always been striving to establish a technological entity to offer total solutions based on customerís more flexible demands as our chief objective.

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